3Max Cool Shaping

Cooling lipolysis, Ultra-cavitation, Ultrasound and Multi-polar RF

Max Coolshaping offers the most advanced body slimming solution byintergraded This system provides 4 major functions, which are Cooling lipolysis, Cavitation, Ultrasound and Multi-polar RF, to complete Cooling lipolysis.

Effective procedure for professional body sculpting.

Results Without The Downtime

3-Max CoolShaping is recommended for any patient between the ages of 25 and 70+ who desires cosmetic improvement, particularly those areas that show the signs of aging, lead an unhealthy life style, and have not responded to other treatment options. This treatment offers cosmetic improvement without surgery.

Multi-polar RF with LED

  • Multi-polar RF (1MHz)
  • RF thermal energy with electro-magnetic energy
  • 3 type handpieces: Large, Medium, Small
  • LED technology (Large & Medium: Red / Small: ● Blue)




  • Provides a stable frequency (1MHz)
  • Large size of applicator head (ø79)
  • Effective in eliminating fat cells and Improving skin condition


  • Powerful cavitation performance by BLT dual generator
  • Stable & Effective 36 kHz ultrasound frequency
  • 4 types of pulse

 3Max Coolshaping Specifications


Cooling Temperature                   -10℃~5℃

Vacuum Range                              Max. 500mmHg

Ultrasonic Cavitation                    36kHz

Ultrasound                                      1MHz  / Radio Frequency : 1MHz

Input Power                                   AC 110~240V, 50 / 60Hz

Weight                                             46.2 kg

Dimension (WxDxH)                     505 X 405 X 1,313 (mm)

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