Dr. Light

Dr. LIGHT is a management device to care from normal skin to acne skin and atopic skin using high performance LED light composed of three wavelengths. Dr. LIGHT is easy to carry through folding leg structure.

Red light (625nm)

  • Promote blood circulation, Skin cell regeneration, Pain relief, Functional improvement effect

Blue light (415nm)

  • Soothing skin problems, acne bactericidal effect, sebum


Infrared (830nm)

  • Lightning effect and synergistic capabilities through the skin absorption of IR



Dr. Light Specifications


LED                         Blue: 415nm / Red: 625nm / IR: 830nm

Level                        4 level

Voltage                    Adaptor (DC 24V / 5A)

Weight                     4.5 kg

Dimension (WxDxH) 484 x 473 x 343 (mm)

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