Focus Duel

Built For Results


The BSG Exclusive Focus Dual is the combination device of Fractional Micro Needle RF with vacuum & High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Technology. The device can be used from acne scar treatment to lifting and tightening effects. At the same time

Focus Dual offers invasive & non-invasive treatment.

HIFU Cartridges

Vacuum Connect

  • Minimal point using Ø0.16 thin RF needle, 25pin(5x5), 10pin(5x2) non-insulated needle
  • Non-insulated needle: Apply on the proper skin layer based on each target
  • Micro needle bi-polar RF effects directly on the dermal layer of skin to help regenerate collagen and elastin
    • Needling, a physical invasion procedure, has the effect of improving acne scars and
    • The fine penetration depth control function through Vacuum-based Suction(Skin-up) can be customized to fit a variety of skin conditions

 HIFU Handpiece

  • To tighten the loose skin, improve sagging and other aging

Areas around the eyes and mouth, the neck, and the body, etc

Focus Duel Specifications


Energy Type     Radio Frequency & HIFU

Cartridge          10pin, 25pin

Included: SM4-4.5, DD7-3.0, SD7-1.5 Optional: SD7-1.5N, SC4-13

Imput Power     AC 100~240V, 50 / 60Hz

weight                9.6 kg

Dimensions       497 x 437 x 329 (mm)

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