Plapen Dual

Plapen Dual Is…

 Skin treatment device using plasma.

This device consists of two types of handpieces which can be applied to the treatment of various indications, such as penetration of solution, sterilization of inflammation, improvement of fine lines, removal of blemishes and spots, incision of cutaneous tags and milia.

Definition Of  Plasma

– “Fourth material” Plasma –


Generally, the state of a material is divided into three kinds – solid, liquid, and gas. If high energy is applied again to a material that has been liquified and gasified after receiving energy in its solid state, the gas is separated into electrons and atomic nuclei and becomes a plasma state. For this reason, the plasma is called as the ‘fourth material’. The ions generated from the plasma have sterilization, infection prevention, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects as well as the strong ablation effect on the surface, so it is effective in the treatment of the local area.

Multi Handpiece

Plapen Specification


Hand-piece Beauty hand piece Pen hand piece
MODE Pulse or Continue Pulse or Continue
Energy type Low-temperature atmospheric plasma Atmospheric pressure plasma
Frequency 28 ~ 34 kHz 65 kHz
Tips H/F Tip, Jet Tip, F/R Tip Needle ( 0.5mm)
Display 10.2 inch TFT Touch LCD
Electrical requirement 100~240V @ 0.5A
Weight (kg) 3.55kg
Demension (W x D x H) 443 x 221 x 358 (mm)

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