Mesoporation System



Electroporation is the transitory structural perturbation of lipid bilayer membranes due to the application of brief voltage pulses on the cells and tissues.

Electroporation of lipid bilayers induces a dramatic and reversible increase in trans membrane transport and structural changes in membrane barrier. These dramatic changes in membrane properties associated with high voltage application involve the creation of “Pores” or aqueous pathways.

Electroporation is an efficient method for enhancing transdermal drug delivery and effective alternative as a non-chemical and non-invasive delivery of macromolecules (up to at least 40kDa) without damaging the biological structure and function of cells.




Innovative technology of combining diffusion & electrophoresis & electroosmosis for transdermal

delivery of substances through the skin

Drug substances are permeated into the skin at the frozen state without oxidization, using uniquely modulated pulsed electric current.

Powerful cooling (- 15 °C) with creation of electroporation Soothing and pain relief after RF, IPL, Laser and minimizes erythema



Frequency                700Hz ~ 1.6kHz

Applicators               Pin, Ball, Cryo

Panel                       7inch, Digital touch screen

Input Power              AC 220V, 60Hz

Weight                     8 kg

Dimension (WxDxH) 329 x 415 x 322 (mm)

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