The Vroll

Amazing collaboration of the aesthetic expert’s technic & frequency electric current. You can feel more deeper and ample massage effects

Low frequency electric Current energy make the skin more elastic and Also have lifting effects


1KHz Low frequency electric current energy able to massage the muscles with systaltic system and promote nervous sedation

and blood circulation. With the double ball on Vroll, gives low-frequency energy on the skin, eventually make the skin more elastic and have dramatic lifting effects.

Comfortable treatment is available by safe square-wave output

From 1 to 5, level control is available

Able to treat the whole face and body


Treatment areas

Vroll Specifications

frequency 1KHz
Battery 3.7V, 250mAh lithium polymer
Charging current 500mA(±10%)
Usable time 120min(If use the device continuously)
Dimension(W x D x Hmm) 50.5 x 48 x 157
Weight 150g


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