Body Care Products


3 Max Plus

Using Ultrasonic Cavitation, RF with Vacuum and a expert 3 RF applicator system the M Max Plus combines multi-polar radiofrequency and LED technology to shape the body.

*Easy to use technical motions

*LED technology

*Powerful Cavitation effect from dual generators

*Dramatic results for face lifting

*Specialized body, arm, leg and facial applicators

*Guaranteed treatment results


3 Max Cool Shaping

3 Max Coolshaping offers the most advanced body slimming solution by integraded technology. This system provides 4 major functions, which are cooling, lipolysis, cavitation, ultrasound, and Multi-polar RF to comp cooling lipolysis lete effective procedure for professional body sculpting.

*Effective in eliminating fat cells and improving skin condition

*4 types of pulses

*RF thermal energy with electro-magnetic energy


Cool Shaping

Using Lipolysis technology coolshaping offers the most advanced body slimming solution. The system delivers cryo-energy during the treatment with vacuum and LED technologies which enhances the treatment effects

*Can select handpiece depending on treatment size

*Vacuum and LED to reduce fat cells and break down fat


Power Shape 2

An inter-graded system for body contouring and face lifting combined with multi & bi-polar RF, thermal, vacuum, and low level laser.

*3 different hand pieces, roll, multi-polar, and thermal

*3 sizes for multi-polar hand piece

*Small and medium tip for thermal hand piece



Lipozero is a professional portable body and face care system that incorporates 4 different technologies, RF, Ultrasound Cavitation, Low level laser, LED, and vacuum.



There are multiple types of obesity. Diffewrent pattern of obesity development depends on individuals' diet habit, body shape, and genetic factors. Desired body line cannot be attained through a simple diet plan for weight loss. In particular, for cellulite resulting from irregular skin network that is overly formed, a simple reduction plan of caloric intake does not work. To comply with such shortcomings, Noble shape is developed to address multiple types of obesity

*Low Level Laser therapy for fat layer reduction

*6 medium low frequency settings: cellulite, Lipolysis, Body styling, Revital, Relax, Lymph drainage

*Radio Frequency results in reduced adipose cells and improvement of body contouring

*4 channels with 8 pads for multiple uses simultaneously

*30 min treatment with no downtime